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Offering professional, objective and accurate empirical based research

Headquartered in New York City with a satellite office in Dallas, Robert T. Carter & Associates has worked as an expert witness for more than 20 years on a range of racial discrimination issues and cases involving hostile work environments or racial harassment.

RTCA opinions are supported by reports including research, evidence about the issues in the case, and the administering of race based traumatic stress evaluations to assess whether functional impairment has occurred to a reasonable degree of professional certainty.





Our work as expert witnesses, have involved the modification of school systems’ racial desegregation plans, biracial custody, racial discrimination & racial harassment in schools, the workplace and as consumer racial profiling.
— Dr. Robert T. Carter


Dr. Robert Carter on PTSD and Racial Trauma

How can white people get involved in matters of solving racism? That's the question Steve Harvey tries to answer with special guest Dr. Anthony Greenwald, Goldie Taylor, Jose Antonio Vargus and psychologist and RTCA Associate Dr. Silvia Mazzula. 

Tulane University Institute Lecture Series

Tulane University Institute Lecture Series